Sabrina and Jonathan are co-owners of a commercial photography studio and they are going through a dry spell - creatively, financially and sexually. When they receive three boxes simply marked Open Me, things start looking up as they start seeing each other for the first time. 

Trudy and Adrian have sat next to each other at their grief support group for over a year, working through their feelings of loss and trying to heal. But they don’t really know each other, even though they’d like to. 
After a couple of drinks at Adrian’s place, they decide to play a game of Twenty “Ask Me Anything” Questions. 
It turns out to be the most satisfying game either of them has ever played. 

Before Caroline McHugh married Rand Duncan, she was a rising star on the country music scene. 
That was fifteen years ago. 
For her big 4-0, Caroline's sister gifts her lessons with a hot vocal coach and the chance to remember that she's more than a cheated-on trophy wife. 

She's strong. She's talented. And if her coach, Grayson Tate, has anything to do with it - she's his. 

Casey and Bobby are used to being "accidentally" set up by her sister and his best friend. It's not that they don't like each other or don't find one another attractive - it's just that there isn't any spark between them. 

Or so they thought... 

Turns out the spark is a guy named Kellen. 

Aimee and Kent have admired each other from afar for years. Putting their careers at Duncan Global first, they've both let their unsatisfying marriages crumble, leaving Kent divorced and Aimee on the cusp of separation. Now, after months of sexting and sending hot videos, they're going to meet for one night of take-no-prisoners, boundary-pushing, crazy-on-you sex. 

Mikka and Oliver have both been dumped on New Year's Eve by the people they thought they were going to spend the rest of their lives with. 
Ice cream helped them drown their sorrows a little. 
Blowing twenty bucks on the slots sure was fun. 
Getting drunk at a concert and making out at midnight went a long way to soothing their pain. 
But what happened after the concert? 
Mikka and Oliver take "loving the one you're with" to a whole new level. 

Six erotic romance short stories about men and women looking for love and lust in the city of Upton. 

Tania and her husband Mark make new friends at the Upton Swingers Club Saints and Sinners party.